Bali, isle of heavens

No other place in the world has been so highly praised for its beauty as Bali,  many temples, shrines and beautiful palaces.  Even the most remote  corners of the island, the visitor’s eye is engaged by magnificent views of these richly ornamented constructions.  Very much living shrines, they are the sites of both daily observance of the Balinese Hindu rites and more spectacularly religious festivals.

A mask dancer performing in Pura Sadia temple during the Galungan-Kuningan festival, the most important in the Hindu Balinese calendar, celebrating the victory of good over evil.  It is believed that during Galungan spirits descend to bless the earth and ascend back to the heavens on Kuningan day.  Music and dances performed in temples are considered as offerings to the deities.

Bowl of flower petals and holy water are left on temple altars after blessings or purifications rituals.  For the Balinese people, offerings of food , flowers and incense to the gods and the elements, promises a state of equilibrium where man, nature and the divine can co-exist in peace and harmony.


IMG_0529                                Rows of fishing boats along the beach of Jimbaran.

Carved decorative Balinese door.

Children learn to dance and play musical instrument at a very young age.


31Women dressed up in their splendid attire in preparation for a temple festivity.


Barong a character in Balinese mythology He is the king of leader spirit of the host of good.  Banas Pati raja the good spirit which animates the Barong.  The character of the Barong often accompanied by two monkeys (dancers dressed in monkey costume)



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The Living Last Supper


My good friend neighbor asked me whether I want to attend the living last supper.  It will be  held at their country Camp Creek Church a nondenominational affiliated with Village Mission.

Located in a rolling hills dotted with homes and farms. Horses  in the pasture, cattle grazing in the field and sheep roam the hills.   Nearby  hazelnut orchards, a nursery where local buy  plants and vegetable seedlings for their summer garden.  Meandering country road perfect for Sunday drive.
I have met  pastor Craig and Shelly his wife.   They are friendly outgoing people.  Listening on Easter Sunday was beautiful with choir and congregation joined in singing .
The presentation itself was quite mesmerizing.  Jesus is played by intern pastor Stewart, along with his 12 disciples played by twelve men from the congregation. Before their meal Jesus washed the disciples feet. After this ritual  they all went to their respective place. They dined together on stage depicting events from the Biblical account of the eve of the Crucifixion. In between play Pastor Craig would add what the last supper is all about.


In groups of two or three, each disciple stood up and told the story according to his perspective, while the rest of the group was frozen in their position as depicted in Da Vinci’s painting.
The play followed the progress of the last supper that Jesus had with his disciples, when he announced that he would be betrayed by one of the twelve, and began his sacrament of Holy Communion. The dramatizations were mixed with musical interludes provided by the church organ player. It lasted for whole hour. I was not disappointed they did a wonderful play of the Living Last Supper.
On Easter Sunday I went again with my neighbor for Easter brunch and celebration in the church. Brunch is a family type of potluck with everyone pitched in. The dining room packed full even one couple brought in their baby. Children sitting quietly enjoying their food.  The room felt alive with everyone having a great time.

Food are plenty for anyone who want to eat more, even dessert which was plenty full.  I cannot resist dessert so many to chose from and difficult to decide. After brunch they all went into the church to hear Pastor Craig Easter sermon. Being in a country church have a better feeling of community especially with a friendly Pastor on Holy Sunday was a treat.


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